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Jan 6, 2003

So 2002 came and went and depending on your point of view, it was either an incredibly lucky or unlucky year.

First, my new car, an all electric RAV4 EV, was totaled just before I was scheduled to leave on a long trip to Asia.

Then in China, I was almost killed when a taxi I was in started rolling down a curved elevated ramp toward a 15-20' drop because the driver physically left the vehicle while leaving it in Neutral gear without setting the parking brake.

Back at home during a winter storm, a neighbor's gigantic tree fell on my house narrowly missing the room I was sleeping in.

A week later, while driving to the airport, a deer ran across the highway on-ramp I was on JUST MISSING the car I was driving by a couple of feet. Colliding with a full grown male deer would probably also have totaled the car I was in.

Then after a HazMat restoration crew cleaned up the debris from my house due to possible asbestos, I found a bee buzzing around the damaged guest room which wouldn't be so bad except that getting stung by a bee causes me to go into anaphylactic shock.

Assuming I'm not starring in the sequel to Final Destination, hopefully 2003 will be a much better year...




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