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From the Beginning...

Once in a millennia, there comes along someone who breaks new ground, who carries the art form forward into new territory. That person casts aside the stale conventions of a stagnant industry and propels it with renewed energy into new and unexplored realms... forever changing it; forever enhancing it; in the process adding new fabric to its historical tapestry.

Unfortunately, that wasn't me.

I'd like to say that each strip was carefully crafted and labored over, but that would be lying. Instead, I offer only that for the first years I was an out-of-state college student at UC Berkeley with multiple part-time jobs. For the last, a full time grunt in the workforce. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to produce as many strips as I did...

Then, of course, I go back and actually read them.

I suppose apologies are in order... ;-)

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Tabor Tabor


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